Mediterranean Natural Extracts

In the heart of Mediterranean

The supply sources
of polyphenols are innumerable,
but to obtain a high quality
of the finished product
the origin of the food product
and the technique applied
for the extraction is
of fundamental importance.

Research is the key component
of MNEXTRACT activity.
Our goal is to separate and purify
the main components
of food products
with respect for the environment.
is at the customer's service

to develop new products

upon specific request:
vegetable proteins, amino acids,
pectides and vegetable fibers.

The raw material is strictly cultivated

in the heart of the Mediterranean

with biological techniques. Small plots

of western Sicily's coastal area caressed

by sea breeze and cultivated with traditional techniques, without the addition of chemicals, are the strength of MNEXTRACT to ensure the freshness and fragrance of unique products arising from unique lands.