Mediterranean Natural Extracts


In June 2010, we decided to experiment with some synthetic adsorbents proposed by Mitsubishi to isolate some polyphenols present in all plant species.

We think that among different species of polyphenols that nature offers us there are a few molecules of fundamental importance for the biological development of living beings.

The polyphenols provide an electronic charge useful to reduce plant and animal tissues oxidation.

Their role, still almost unknown, occupy increasingly important spaces in nutraceutical pharmaceutical cosmetic and food industry.

The first extracts produced with the technique suggested by the manufacturers of adsorbent materials have been prepared by infusions of medicinal herbs.

The high purity and stability of the polyphenol extracts convinced us to implement research to improve the technique and to study in deep this vast family of organic molecules biologically indispensable.

In September 2011, we began to sample a range of polyphenol extracts to try to better understand their chemical and physical characteristics.

In the year 2012 we have identified some of the most important molecules through the analysis with HPLC and we determined their antioxidant capacity.

We then began a meticulous work of typing various extracts to define their essential characteristics specified in the data sheets.

In September of 2013 we decided to start the market research and in November we are ready to offer a range of 13 carefully selected polyphenol extracts obtained from biological raw material strictly cultivated in the heart of Mediterranean.